Benefits of Battery Systems

As technology has improved and costs have come down, the advantages of battery systems are now within reach of most homeowners. In the early days, battery systems consisted of a complex collection of wires, boxes, breakers, fuses, all mounted to the wall of your garage. To the casual observer, this looked like some mad science experiment. Today’s technology is different. Battery systems are much more organized, compact and easy to maintain.

Battery systems for your home offer the following advantages:


Batteries Provide Backup Power for Your Home

For homeowners who never want to be without power, battery systems offer the convenience and reliability to keep the lights on for hours, days, weeks or years. Battery systems work automatically to keep your house powered through grid brownouts and blackouts.


Battery systems are much more convenient than gas generators in providing continuous power for your home.

With a gas generator, you have to drag it out of the garage, plug it in, gas it up and keep refilling it every few hours. Also, gas generators typically only power the critical loads in your home leaving the rest of the house dark. Gas generators are noisy, polluting and cost a lot of money in fuel to run.

In contrast, battery systems come on automatically, make no noise, emit no pollution and provide seamless, convenient power to your entire home.


Batteries Keep Your PV System Working

You have invested a lot of money in your PV system. You want to get the full value for your investment. But when the utility power goes out, your PV system goes out as well. A battery system can keep your PV system producing power through utility blackouts.

When the utility goes down, your PV systems automatically shuts down as well. This is because the electrical code requires PV systems to turn off whenever they sense a loss of power from the utility. This is a safety measure to prevent repairmen who may be working on the utility line from accidentally getting electrocuted.

For more information on battery systems for your home or business, please contact Island Pacific Energy or call 808-377-4570.

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