How Batteries Work

Battery Background

grid-independentBattery systems have been used by homeowners for decades who were not able to get electric service from the local utility. These homeowners either lived in rural areas not serviced by the electric utility or the cost to connect was prohibitively expensive. Cost or circumstances of these homeowners gave them no choice but to provide year round electric power themselves.

Lately, battery systems have been generating a huge amount of interest in Hawaii. Not only does HECO require batteries on new PV systems, the idea of always having power or being completely independent of the electric utility is very appealing. For homeowners who already have a PV system, batteries offer a number of advantages. Storage technology has improved and the cost has come down to the point where batteries are now an attractive investment.

off-gridWith a properly configured and installed battery system, your PV system continues to operate when the grid goes down. This is because the battery system acts as the utility to your PV system. When the utility goes down, the battery system steps in and continues to provide power to your home as if nothing happened. Your PV system sees no change in the power and continues to operate as normal, generating power from your roof.

Battery systems offer a number advantages to homeowners in Hawaii. The advances in technology make them more reliable, easier to maintain and less expensive. For homeowners looking to always keep the lights, battery systems are an attractive solution.

For more information on off grid systems for your home or business, please contact Island Pacific Energy or call 808-377-4570.

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