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“From beginning to end, Island Pacific Energy met our needs in a most professional manner: (1) an introductory conference that explained PV technology in layman’s terms, (2) a carefully planned installation which met each deadline, (3) follow-up visits as advertised, and (4) quick availability for consultation before, during, and after a very successful installation. Who could ask for more?“

Duane Yee
Executive Director, Variety School of Hawai‘i


In the Fall of 2012, Variety School of Hawai‘i was looking for ways to save money on their electric bill. They wanted to install photovoltaic solar power but as a non-profit did not have the ability to use the tax credits. Island Pacific Energy had the solution. A Power Purchase Agreement.

Under a Power Purchase Agreement, Island Pacific Energy installed a photovoltaic solar power system at no cost to Variety School. Island Pacific Energy owns, operates and maintains the system and sells the energy generated to Variety School at a cost lower than utility power. Island Pacific Energy also coordinated the PV installation with a recoating of the roof, saving Variety School additional money in reduced cooling costs.

The 116kW photovoltaic solar energy system is installed on the roof of main building of the Variety School of Hawai‘i. The system consists of 396 solar modules and one inverter. The photovoltaic system is connected and provides energy to the entire organization. The system generates over 180,000kWh of clean, renewable energy annually.

Island Pacific Energy owns, operates and maintains the photovoltaic solar energy facility under a Power Purchase Agreement with Variety School of Hawai‘i. The system was installed at no cost to Variety School of Hawai‘i and the energy generated is sold to the organization at a cost lower than utility power.

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