Why Solar


Solar Saves Money

The biggest advantage of solar energy is saving you money on your electric bill. Regardless of the amount of solar you install, your utility bill will get lower. Over time as utility rates rise, you continue to save even more money. The savings produced by a solar energy system makes it one of the best investment you can make for your business or organization.

The available incentives in the form of Federal and State tax credits and accelerated depreciation can reduce your payback period to less than two years. Over 20 years, the annual internal rate of return can exceed 80%.


Solar Makes You More Competitive

With a lifespan of 25 years or more, investing in solar pays for itself many times over. This savings reduces your operating costs, enabling you to offer more goods and services and a lower cost.


Solar Is Good For the Environment

By installing solar, you help to reduce Hawaii’s dependence on oil as a primary fuel to generate electricity. The result is cleaner air, economic growth (green jobs), less reliance on foreign oil (energy security), reduced global warming (reduction of greenhouse gas emissions).

We hope to have the opportunity to save you money by installing a commercial solar system from Island Pacific Energy. For a free, no obligation proposal that explains the benefits of solar, please contact Island Pacific Energy or call 808-377-4570

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