Island Pacific Energy is proud to be an Authorized Reseller of the Tesla Powerwall in Hawaii.

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery


True energy independence

Tesla Powerwall allows storage of some or all of the extra energy generated by your solar panels. Optimize your consumption of solar energy by having access to it even during cloudy days or at night, reducing or even eliminating your dependence on costly electricity from HECO.

Clean, reliable emergency backup

In the event of an outage, use both real-time and stored solar energy to power refrigerators, appliances, and other vital equipment. Eliminate the need for fuel storage and noisy, polluting generators.

Smart, sophisticated and hassle-free

Tesla Powerwall is an elegant addition to your home that is fully automated and requires no maintenance. Its safe and reliable lithium ion technology has been well proven in the computer and automotive industry.

Highest rated installation expertise

Island Pacific Energy is among a select few nationwide selected to offer this cutting-edge solution. As Hawaii’s highest rated solar company, you’ll be working with an installer recognized for exceptional customer service and masterful installations.

Is Tesla Powerwall right for you?

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